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A Wolf In The City [Music]

My good friend Clayton sent me his band's newest record and I wanted to tell you guys about them. The first time I met the drummer (Jentzen) and one of their guitarists (Clayton) was actually at a rehearsal they had, prior to oficially forming

as A Wolf In The City. The rehearsal happened to be in my living room during my college years before I happily dropped out. I thought it's probably tough for a band to find space to practice so I decided to risk pissing off my neighbors to let the homies jam out. Admittedly, Clayton has been one of my most supportive fans for my music and I've noticed I've been so busy in my own life, I never took the time to repay the favor and give his band an honest listen of my own. And let me tell you guys, I done goofed. One of my favorite tracks I heard was Stag. The energy I felt from that song brought me back to the rush I got from listening to bands like My Chemical Romance in high school. I love the mix of calmness and heavy ass, interrupting drops that keeps your ears on their metaphorical toes. Don't be a clown like me, and go give them a listen right now. Also, peep their new music video if you're eyes aren't busy looking at things not nearly as cool. You can follow them at: @awolfinthecityband Also, check them out on SPOTIFY!

My favorite tracks: Stag, The Take, Drive

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