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XZYLO [Music]

So I've been a huge fan of Orlando's local XZYLO ever since his Limbo album. I remember attending open mics with him at Austin's Coffee and watching him perform on hole in the walls, but also seeing him on the same stage that I've seen talent like Chance The Rapper on. Personally, I think this kid is underrated as hell. He has a very modern sound that has just the right mix of elegant and aggressive. One minute you're singing along to his lullabies. The next, you're suing him for domestic violence because of how his vocals beat the shit out of your eardrums. One day I hope to be able to sing half as well and learn how to engineer my own tracks on this level too. We've collaborated in the past and I hope to do so again in the near future as we keep growing to new heights in our craft. You can follow him at: @xzylosavage

My favorite tracks: Love's Not Pretty Anymore, Hello My Sunshine, III: SW 20th St.

Check him out on SPOTIFY and peep his newest music video below!

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