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Carousels and Chamomile [Art]

Angie has been a great friend of mine since middle school and has definitely been there to support my music back before I even really took it seriously as a career. As an artist, I've enjoyed watching her drop her art pieces on social media and definitely inspires me to get better since I just recently dove into working with digital art. I always liked seeing artists draw their own perspective of movie and video game characters and inspires me to make these kind of portraits! She will be open for commissions on a monthly basis and offers custom avatars/portraits, OCs, fanart, crossover art, etc.

Go give her Facebook page, Carousels and Chamomile, a LIKE by clicking right HERE! Do you want free promotion for your art, music, novel, film, or other creative project? Just shoot me an email at lensmakesart@gmail.com with details about what you're working on with a link or sample of your media (NSFW not allowed) and I will post it on this page (within 7 days or at a future date of your choosing) for all to see! :D

(NOTE: Only 1 submission per year, per person)

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